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© 2016 by tu prima de afuera (angélica de jesús)

“We write to taste life twice,

in the moment and in retrospect.” 

― Anaïs Nin

Writing is powerful. Like many other storytelling practices, writing is a tool of survivance (survival+resistance) & of imagination in the face of oppression. Like many who grapple with colonial ghosts + ghouls, I write to work on questions of land/lessness, AfroIndigenous futurisms, and belonging. I write to highlight the unseen work of mamihood & femme(inine) labor. I write as a way of sharing the knowledge gifted to me with future generations. And yes, queridx reader, I write for own damn self too! #MeSearch #DigitalArchives.  As a Caribeña+Chicana living in diaspora, I move through rage, ephemeral (hi)stories, and the unknowable with strong curiosity and a willingness to learn/fail/and learn again. Within this site you will find some of the art, words, shit talk, and scribbles that result from this process. Here you can find more of about the somatic practices that keep me resilient & disciplined. If there is anything you wanna share, please do. I welcome questions, call-outs/calls in, and am especially into jokes and bonchinche of all kinds.