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© 2016 by tu prima de afuera (angélica de jesús)

Growing up, I spent hours watching my mother, Mamí DJ, write letters to our far-away father, Papi DJ, whose work took him away for months at a time. Given the distance between us and most of our family who are scattered/displaced across the US, our family had ample opportunity to explore creative ways of communicating with loved ones. Taking what we learned in those early years of diasporic-comms, I continue writing as a means of connecting with kin across space, time, and borders (a key part of survivance). Like Papi DJ, who once included a VHS tape in a letter home, I like playing with different media types including video, GIS maps, infographics, audio (i.e. podcasts), and visual arts. This experimentation extends to both my personal & professional work. Below you'll find some examples of these types of works including poems, essays, and peer reviewed articles. 

January 31, 2019

By Santos F. Ramos, Angélica De Jesús


“In what ways does Indigenous social justice work differ from other kinds of social justice work? And what are some of the complications in building solidarity between social movements that focus on a diversity of issues?”

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