I write poems, essays, op-eds, & articles for a variety of readers.

Topics of focus include health+ climate justice, gender, sexuality, kinship + caregiving, environmental science and technology, race, and settler-colonialism. One of the primary reasons for including older writings is to showcase growth, shifts in ideas, and that writing is indeed a lifelong practice.

Selected Poems 

ode to femmes || Ya'll Come Back : Queer Stories of Southern Migration

* more coming soon*

Selected Writings 

Human Rights and Disaster Politics || Michigan Journal of Public Affairs

ABC's of Boricua Resilience || Latino Rebels

3 Reasons I’m Starting a 30 Day Writing Challenge || Medium

Sana Sana: Making Self-care Ritual || Prima de Afuera 

Academic Writing

As a spatial sociologist in-training, I'm focused on mapping and writing about environmental science and technology, race, critical sovereignty and solidarity, and the dynamics of settler-colonialism for island nations. Research work published prior to starting a PhD focus on a range of topics including race, mental health, sexuality, and heath disparities.   

Selected Publications

 Xicano Indigeneity & State Violence: A Visual/Textual Dialogue. || Santos F. Ramos, Angélica De Jesús. Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society, 5.


“In what ways does Indigenous social justice work differ from other kinds of social justice work? And what are some of the complications in building solidarity between social movements that focus on a diversity of issues?”

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