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I write in a variety of formats for a variety of different audiences including blog posts,  journalistic pieces, and essays.  Topics of focus include health+ climate justice, gender + sexuality, kinship + caregiving, environmental science and technology, race, and settler-colonialism. 

Selected Writings 

Human Rights and Disaster Politics || Michigan Journal of Public Affairs

ABC's of Boricua Resilience || Latino Rebels

3 Reasons I’m Starting a 30 Day Writing Challenge || Medium

Sana Sana: Making Self-care Ritual || Prima de Afuera 

Academic Writing

As a scholar, I map the ways settler-colonialism shapes agroecological systems and land governance in the Caribbean (i.e. the US colony of Puerto Rico). Additionally, I study Traditional Ecological Knowledges (TEKs) that counteract the environmental, ecological, and social consequences of extractive settler-colonization. Relatedly, I'm invested in transnational environmental justice work that builds on/supports Black/Indigenous solidarity globally. These lines of work stem from my familial/ancestral  responsibility to care for island ecologies and peoples. 

platica con prima bambu
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